Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Links: 2015 - 2019 Poetry

Years are listed in reverse-chronological order, while the poems are listed arbitrarily within the year they were originally written and published.

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Cyber Space

A Sapphic Ode to an Israeli Immigrant
Diasporic Israel
On Traveling the Walk

On Getting to Ancient Roman Ruins in Germania
Latin Poem: O' Dracones!
On Napping Along Side an Ancient Roman Road in Britannia
Unto Caesar? Eh, Brute?
Products of the Mind (i)
Products of the Mind (ii)
Products of the Mind (iii)
On Traffic Circles and Triumphant Arches
Not the Keeper's Plight (or, Ballad of the Bees)
O' Israel, Know Thou Not Palestine?
Latin Poem: Sed, Tempus Fugit.
New Horizons to Interstellar Space via #PlutoFlyBy
On an Insomniac's Napping
Holding onto Selves

Thursday, December 1, 2016

FE-IVC: A Sapphic Ode to an Israeli Immigrant

"Shalom aleikhem." The greeting I now use.
"Aleikhem shalom." The response I expect.
"What? Speak English.We're in America."
To which I laughed.

"How're they hanging?" I asked instead.
"An offensive question born from slavery." 
"Who m-me?" I stuttered, "have I gone astray?"
To which you laughed.

Now that's out the way, what have you to say?
Shall we watch Predator rip an Alien apart?
Is that an inappropriate way to friend?
We agree on YouTube.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Poem: Bitter L's

(NB: I originally posted the poem, Bitter L's, on the Yahoo Contributor Network which was shuttered in 2014.)

In the interest of spreading my poetry to the farthest reaches of the internet, I've decided that in addition to posting new poems on my blog (, I'll also post previously hosted works on my page at:

My poem Bitter L's can be found at: 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Poem: Tommy UnderTheBridge

There’s a kid I don’t know,
lives under a bridge in town.
I call him Tommy. Tommy
UnderTheBridge. I don’t know
his real name: that’s not his pain,
that I don’t know his name.

Monday, February 29, 2016

FE-IVC: Diasporic Israel

Religious feuds wrought over millennia.
History isn’t kind to some of humanity.
A special place, time, people.
So some pray.

Pharaoh expels, Hitler ghettoizes, Stalin pogroms.
First, rid one. Then, kill all. Some welcomed
into purple mountains majesty.
So some fey.

Against their own stupidity, by blaming Zion,
conspirators with racial prejudices rage
of problems Zionists never caused.
So some bray.

1940s. Across Europe Jews flee. Where to? Anywhere.
Perhaps British-run Palestine? What Palestinians?
Who petitioned a newly formed UN?
So some day.

1942, new state called Israel created by those
unwilling to parcel out their own lands to
give Jews a home with sovereignty.
So some sway.

No two state solution will ever be possible when
one half of the dispute refuses to recognize
the legitimacy of the other.
So some say.

Here we are, dear Israel. Your children spread
across the globe. Arms outstretched, forever
welcoming them to a settler’s home.
So some play.

Colonization and post-colonialism has taught us:
a settler is one who takes another’s land.
How different are you now?
So some pay.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Poem: On Traveling the Walk

I’ve traveled.

Traveled far enough to know
what traveling actually means:

·         confusion
·         vacation delusion
·         itineration variation
·         miscommunication
·         obfuscation

Slight mispronunciations
offer sights usually left unseen.

So, I’ve walked.

Walked streets with similar names
where strangers make friends slow:

·         Old Market Street
·         Rue du Vieux Marché
·         Antigua Calle del Mercado
·         Oude Markt Straat
·         Alt Marktstraße

Sight gives rise to views
often slighted by guide books.

I’ve traveled so I’ve walked.