Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poem: A Little Q and A (2006)

1. What does it matter if I think?
2. What does it matter if I feel?
3. Who cares if I cry myself to sleep?
4. Who cares if I hurt everyday?
5. Why should I bother with ordinary things?
6. Why should I fight to live a lie?
7. When will the anger fade?
8. When will the lies dissipate?
9. Where are the peaceful people?
10. Where are the answers to prayers?

1. It matters to me what I think,
My thoughts are my own.
2. It matters to me that I feel
My feelings are my own.
3. I care that I cry myself to sleep
It’s sad to hear, but worse to feel.
4. I care that I hurt everyday,
Some aches hurt deep.
5. I bother with ordinary things
Because I want an ordinary life.
6. I fight to live, not to lie,
And if I have to pretend, I’d rather die.
7. The anger comes and goes
Like all things, time. I just know.
8. The lies will end, when the truth comes out
And then they’ll begin again.
9. Peaceful people hide in their houses,
Afraid to come out and face the darkness.
10. The answers to prayers are everywhere
Just open your eyes and see.

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