Monday, May 21, 2007

Poem: Fidelity (2007)

I don’t want to stand here tempting you,
the thought lingering in your mind.
The shadow of doubt following you
as you wonder if you crossed some line.

Remember your world before, the goals,
the dreams you have: thinking of together,
forever, and how happy you’ll be.
Circumstances change. It’s been known to occur.

Don’t fear what you don’t know,
but know what you fear. Be prepared.
I’m standing here, watching you
(not stalking, no worries babe.)

Admire your loyalty, sworn faithfully.
Determined, chin cocked high, shoulders back,
chest proudly stuck out. Jettison all trepidation.
Life will lead you exactly where you need.

So, sit back hon, the rollercoaster’s gaining ground.
There’s ups and downs, twists and turns
You’ll bounce around, pride may bruise.
But smile regardless. All of life is a gift.

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