Monday, February 29, 2016

FE-IVC: Diasporic Israel

Religious feuds wrought over millennia.
History isn’t kind to some of humanity.
A special place, time, people.
So some pray.

Pharaoh expels, Hitler ghettoizes, Stalin pogroms.
First, rid one. Then, kill all. Some welcomed
into purple mountains majesty.
So some fey.

Against their own stupidity, by blaming Zion,
conspirators with racial prejudices rage
of problems Zionists never caused.
So some bray.

1940s. Across Europe Jews flee. Where to? Anywhere.
Perhaps British-run Palestine? What Palestinians?
Who petitioned a newly formed UN?
So some day.

1942, new state called Israel created by those
unwilling to parcel out their own lands to
give Jews a home with sovereignty.
So some sway.

No two state solution will ever be possible when
one half of the dispute refuses to recognize
the legitimacy of the other.
So some say.

Here we are, dear Israel. Your children spread
across the globe. Arms outstretched, forever
welcoming them to a settler’s home.
So some play.

Colonization and post-colonialism has taught us:
a settler is one who takes another’s land.
How different are you now?
So some pay.

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