Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Links: 2015 - 2019 Poetry

Years are listed in reverse-chronological order, while the poems are listed arbitrarily within the year they were originally written and published.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Cyber Space

A Sapphic Ode to an Israeli Immigrant
Diasporic Israel
On Traveling the Walk

On Getting to Ancient Roman Ruins in Germania
Latin Poem: O' Dracones!
On Napping Along Side an Ancient Roman Road in Britannia
Unto Caesar? Eh, Brute?
Products of the Mind (i)
Products of the Mind (ii)
Products of the Mind (iii)
On Traffic Circles and Triumphant Arches
Not the Keeper's Plight (or, Ballad of the Bees)
O' Israel, Know Thou Not Palestine?
Latin Poem: Sed, Tempus Fugit.
New Horizons to Interstellar Space via #PlutoFlyBy
On an Insomniac's Napping
Holding onto Selves

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